Episode 5 is here!

You can download the MP3 here. [Right-click to Save As]  We talk about Heavy Rain, high five sensors, the Hippocratic Oath of video games and a certain little one-button RTS.

This week’s episode features Misters Henk Boom and Matthew Gallant.  In addition to being great writers and thinkers, they are 2 of the 5 guys behind No Fun Games, the makers of Pax Britannica.  You can download their game for free from Matthew or Henk’s sites.


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Episode 4 is here!

Episode 4 is now online and can be found here!  Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a review!  Questions, comments and love letters can be sent here.  And hey, while you’re at it you can follow us on Twitter.

Now on iTunes!

Wow, I submit the podcast to Apple before going to bed, and wake up to find an approval email in my inbox already.  The show must just be so amazing they couldn’t wait to approve it… right?

Anyways, you can search for us in iTunes, or just click this link here.  Please subscribe, rate us, and leave a review!

The RSS feed is fixed

…and you can find it here.  Now that we have a respectable number of episodes available, I’m going to submit the show to the iTunes podcast listings.  I’ll let you know when you can find us there, but in the meantime you can add us yourselves using their “Subscribe to Podcast” option, under Advanced.

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Episode 3 is up!

Episode 3 of Pixels and Poutine, featuring game designer Osama Dorias, is now online!  You can download it here.  (I’m having trouble with the RSS feed, it will be updated as soon as RSSpect comes back online.)

A screenshot from the latest game that Osama worked on

Fashionably Late

Instead of releasing Episode 3 on Tuesday or Wednesday, and then being rushed to release another episode 4 days later, I’m just going to hold it until Sunday.  You understand, right?

It’s going to be a great one, though.  Osama Dorias is a great guy who is very well-spoken and passionate about game design.  Tonight I also recorded Episode 4, the Q.A. Roundtable episode, and it turned out great as well!  Good stuff coming for Pixels & Poutine!

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Screenshots and more from Ian and Alex’s MMO, Felwyrld

In Episode 2 Ian Snyder talked about the big procedurally-generated MMO that he and his programmer friend, Alex Nankervis, worked on.  Well, you can see screenshots and read some info about it here.

Them clouds be volumetric.

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Episode 2 is up!

And you can download it here. (Right-click and Save As…)

Pixels and Poutine – Episode 2 –Ian Snyder  (50:28) [46MB]

Osama Dorias was a bit under the weather this week, so Ian Snyder (game designer, 3d artist and voice actor) stepped up to the plate and was the guest for Episode Two.  We talked about indie MMO’s, game pacing and endings, and what it’s like to move from Austin to Montréal.


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RSS Feed and iTunes

Oh by the way, here’s a link to the show’s RSS feed.  We’ll have Pixels and Poutine up in the iTunes podcast section soon, as well.

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Episode 1 is now online!

I’ve just uploaded Episode 1 of the show, starring Erin Robinson.  You can download the mp3 here:

Pixels and Poutine – Episode 1 – Erin Robinson  (27:52) [26MB]

(Right click and Save As…)

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